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NO Bait/switch with us! Beware of these other kind of ads!

 Beware Of Those $9.99-$15.99 Per Room Bait & Switch Ads  Or Ads That Say 3-5 Rooms For $45-$69. Remember The Old Saying If It Sounds To Good To Be True It Is! This Is The Biggest Scam In The Carpet Cleaning Industry & Has Been Going On For Years  & Still Is From Flyers In The Mail To Craigslist Ads!   

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NO Bait/Switch Pricing

Upfront Honest Prices & Service SINCE 1994

 Sparkling Carpet Cleaning has been servicing the scottsdale valley since 1994. We pride ourselves on advertising upfront and honest prices. You can always find those ads or flyers advertising $9.99 per room or less that when they get to your house they charge you way more and extra fee's. We give you everything you need to steam clean your carpets all in one great price. Easy to understand prices with professional and honest service.Give us a call for carpet cleaning service in the Scottsdale valleywide area. We want you as a life time customer. 


Allergy and Cold Sufferers

Mold + mildew + dust + pollens + bacteria = itchy, red, watering eyes and runny noses! Regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning is a must if you or any member of your family suffers from allergies or frequent cold symptoms. Clean carpet may not cure the common cold or rid you of your allergies but clean carpet can significantly reduce allergy and cold symptoms. Quit Suffering!  Have your carpets cleaned at six to twelve month intervals. 


Your Investment

Heres a really shocking statement, new carpeting is a major investment! Okay, so maybe thats not such a shocking statement. After all, everyone knows it costs thousands of dollars to install new carpet in a home. The more shocking statement would be, "Homeowners replace carpeting years before they should have to because they don't do the one sure thing that will protect their carpet investment they dont clean it!" Dirt and grit trapped between your carpets fibers act like sandpaper on glass. Every footstep grinds away at your carpets life. Carpet is designed to hide dirt. Don't wait until it looks dirty to have it cleaned. Clean before hidden dirt causes wear 

Client Testimonials


Melinda H

Melinda H

Melinda H

 Wayne does a fantastic Job, always on time, my carpets are beautiful when he leaves as is my grout that he scrubs back to the way it looked the day it was being put in.  He is always ON TIME, and his rates are fantastic,  He is the best I have ever used.  Give this company a try.  He is also owner/operator so it is always important to support local businesses. 


Leah G.

Melinda H

Melinda H

 Scottsdale carpet cleaning Best carpet cleaning scottsdale  I have ever had. I called MANY carpet cleaning companies in the Valley before talking with Wayne. We have dogs, they have terrorized our carpet. He was honest with me about our chances of getting dog urine out of our carpet and gave me a MUCH better price quote than those other companies I called. Wayne got it clean! He didn't mind our dogs sniffing and jumping around him when he arrived, and was friendly and professional. I will definitely use Sparkling Carpet again, I just learned they do grout too! carpet cleaning in scottsdale  valleywide carpet cleaners


Steven M.

Melinda H

Steven M.

 Sparkling Carpet Cleaning is the most honest cleaning for your $$$ in Scottsdale valley. The owner Wayne personally will make sure your floors are as clean as they could possibly be at an affordable price. Why spend the time to rent a machine and backbreaking work it takes to try doing this yourself. Plus, you may possibly damage your carpets by over saturation or over use of cleaning agents? Just make ONE Call that's ALL. Sparkling Carpet Cleaning with their POWERFUL TRUCK mounted cleaning system will do this back breaking work for you. Wayne pretreats and deodorizes without playing any bait and switch per square foot scams. Wayne will give you the honest and PROFESSIONAL Cleaning you deserve. Give Sparkling Cleaning a chance to prove what 20 years of experience can do for you! 

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